Top 4 Cyber Security Reasons to Partner with a Managed Service Provider

With so much data roaming around in the cloud, it’s like there’s a world in there. Just like here on Earth, there are those that deceive and can hurt your company. To prevent any cyberattacks, it is important to have all the extra help you can get. If you haven’t considered a cloud managed service provider, here are four reasons why you should:

Backup and Disaster Recovery

According to the Hackerpocalypse cybercrime report, data volumes online will be 50 times greater in 2020 than they were in 2016. This high number is the reason why backup and disaster recovery it is important for a company to save its sensitive information in the cloud. Data that is stored in the cloud is retrievable, data that is stored in on premise infrastructures is not.

It’s shocking that 58 percent of businesses say they test their DR plan just once a year or less, while 33 percent say they test infrequently or never at all. This can be a recipe for disaster. It’s understandable that businesses are very busy with production and things of that nature but if they need extra hands to monitor their data, a cloud service provider can bring them the needed support 24/7.

Time is literally money. 44 percent of businesses estimate they could lose $10,000 or more during an hour of downtime. Most businesses cannot afford to lose this much money and shouldn’t have to. Bringing in a cloud service provider saves the company more money by being able to handle their downtime issues. Smart planning can lead to smart management, and that will lead to a better run business.

Cyber Security

54% of companies experienced one or more successful attacks that compromised data and/or IT infrastructure. More than half the companies are targets of hackers and this is due to their knowledge of not only the IT world but also the business world. Businesses have not updated their security when it comes to the internet which leaves them vulnerable to being successfully attacked.

Cybersecurity is an important issue within any business because it can lead to damaging a business’ reputation. When the hacking directly affects their customers, there’s very little that can be done for damage control. The customers are highly likely to not trust the company again. With that kind of risk why do companies continue to risk it? 69% of organizations don’t believe their antivirus can stop the threats they’re seeing. Companies should not have to rely on just an antivirus, cloud service providers can do so much more for them by finding the required solutions.

Application Security

As businesses evolve, they rely more on technology. Many businesses are developing applications that not only aid their business, but are solely based on the benefits the application provides to its customers. Symantec found that 63 percent of gray ware apps leak the device’s phone number. This is something customers do not want to happen. To ensure a customer’s trust, application security must be enforced.

Cloud Security

Your business may already be on the cloud and that’s great but the cloud is a place that should still be reviewed constantly. Gartner predicts that by 2020, a third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on their shadow IT resources. Because shadow IT exists, it is crucial for companies to keep track of who has access to their information. Access must be restricted to approved personnel only.

85 percent of enterprises are now using sensitive data in the cloud, up from 54 percent in 2015 and 70 percent are concerned about it. This concern can be ameliorated by efficient supervision and being proactive about your data. The data is yours, so like anything else you own or falls under your care, you should act in a responsible manner and look out for it.

Cloud Service Providers Are Your Best Partners

Cloud service providers can manage more than just your business’ infrastructure security.  We can also provide reliable engineering services, capacity planning services, performance reporting and cost optimization to keep your business running properly but we know that security is one of the most discussed concerns surrounding the cloud which is why we provided the top reasons cyber security is on the rise and how we can give complete assistance with the issue.