DevOps QA webinar: Unboxing Improved Speed and Quality


DevOps is a new and improved IT model that emphasizes ways in which development, testing and operations can collaborate more effectively. With the industry wise cultural shift towards DevOps, it is now not just limited to testing and delivery, but much more with continuous quality improvement. The role of QA is evolving as fast as the business needs it, with a more creative, strategic and technology driven outlook.

Quality Assurance is the binding entity between development and operations positioned  to meet the varied needs of modern enterprises. It minimizes the disconnect at various levels of organizational silos through improved communication and effective quality checks. The result is a hassle and blame-free continuous and timely delivery process.


Cultural Shift: In a current DevOps scenario, the walls have to be eliminated to facilitate knowledge sharing, experience, and specialized skills to deliver quality systems. The focus of QA teams should be more on preventing defects than finding them. This will enable you to continuously ensure quality while also growing and evolving the QA services provided.

Collaboration: DevOps advocates good principles and sound practices that help improve communication and collaboration between the organizational silos. The role of QA should begin at the very first stages of development to deliver quality products.

Quality Measures: DevOps  approach requires it to integrate with  quality engineering teams and partner with the right business experts to maximize the automation level  required for quality validation checks. This involvement helps QA to become the facilitator of quality.

Validation and Delivery: To avoid the possibility of code breaking, it is highly recommended to facilitate automated testing in place of manual testing. In the final stages, delivery should not be rushed without the completion of all the critical tests, which should be structured appropriately.


DevOps recognizes the interdependence of software development and IT operations and helps an organization produce software and IT services more rapidly, with frequent iterations. The notion of “Quality” is built into the fabric of DevOps. With the growing need to improve IT service delivery agility, DevOps QA integrates these two key ingredients to deliver top selling high end products and services.

What you will learn:

1. Role of QA in DevOps - redefining quality with continuous quality monitoring solutions.

2. Extended roles of QA – To improve communication and coordination in both development and operational processes.

3. How QA in DevOps can play a critical role in accelerating development and release schedules.

September, 29th 2016 |  11 am to 12 pm PDT

About the Speaker:

Raja CAnkur Srivastava is the Practice Head of Validation Services, having over 13 years of extensive experience in Software Quality Assurance & Testing.  He handled multiple large Implementation projects as a Practitioner, Advisor and Test leader. He has more than a decade long experience in global consulting, program management and advisory services. Delivered successful programs in complex and challenging environment for top tier global companies. Partnered with CIO/CEOs/Directors and clients to harness and optimize the IT ecosystem.