Webinar on Micro Services


Microservices are the next biggest evolution in building scalable, reliable, loosely coupled enterprise application systems. Their rise has been fueled in recent times, with the growth in adoption of Cloud and DevOps initiatives. Companies like Netflix, Amazon, and others have started to benefit from them. This webinar breaks down the mechanics of Microservices architecture to help you decide why and how you should be adopting them too.

After the webinar, you'll have clear understanding on:

1. What are Microservices.
2. Building fault-tolerant architectures.
3. Promoting loose coupling between Enterprise systems
4. Difference between Microservices Vs Monolithic architecture.

About the Speakers:

Webinar on Micro Services

DPR is a result-oriented and seasoned IT Professional having over 19 years of rich and successful track record of delivering ADMS solutions to Fortune 50 customers all over the globe. Prabhakar has deep Technical Knowledge of multiple Platform (OS), Languages, Databases, Design/Development/Testing/Other Tools, providing technical Support and enabling resolution of Technical issues. He has extensive experience in Program Management (by concurrent delivery management of multiple projects) and Portfolio Management (by relation & delivery management of multiple accounts in similar LOB). He is extremely adept at account & relationship management taking complete ownership of customer satisfaction in terms of requirement elicitation, providing Proof of Concept, regular communication and status update.


BPC Migrations scenarios and approach

Shivaram is a Principal Architect at Techwave. His expertise in building and architecting middleware and distributed systems is built on 17 long years of experience. In his last few initiatives he has been promoting the emerging model of Microservice architectures using Java & PHP technology stacks, helping clients to enhance their business capabilities.