Omni-Channel and Personalization


Now, E-commerce is coming to the fore and we’re seeing many of the same issues as retailers strive to build a true omnichannel that merges at-home, in-store and mobile commerce into one seamless experience. Much like with content in the early days of the Internet, the transition is a rocky one, but the future holds great promise. And in this era, by not establishing an omnichannel presence, you’ll likely lose money from customers perplexed by your operations.This webinar would give you a clear insight of Driving seamless and integrated customer engagement strategy in an Omni-Channel world.

Key takeaways from the webinar would answer:

1. Understanding what Omnichannel and Personalization means.
2. The consequences of not providing an omnichannel and personalized experience to customers.
3. Achieve the aspects in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing offerings
4. The importance of having a channel cognizant and integrated Ecommerce & Digital Marketing system
5. How we can help achieving this.

BPC Migrations scenarios and approach

About the Speaker:

Srinivas Kalyan brings in over eighteen years of experience in software industry with a strong track record of managing and delivering solutions to clients across the globe. He has been extensively involved in initiatives for translating business needs into solutions and managing every aspect of project life cycle.Prior to joining Techwave, Kalyan has worked with Infosys where he has implemented several large-scale multi-million-dollar programs. At Techwave, Kalyan is responsible for the growth of Digital practice.

His successful engagements with geographically diverse clients, on projects spanning Portal, Commerce, Content Management, Search implementation, serves as an asset for Techwave to bring about a giant leap in Digitalization initiatives for our clients.