Safe & Test First Approach


This webinar focuses on the comprehensive approach to Agile testing and testing first. Agile testing differs from the traditional way of testing i.e. test-at-the-end approach. Instead, the code is developed and tested in small feature increments, and often the test case development precedes the feature development. In this way, tests serve to elaborate and better define the intended system behavior before the system is coded. This just-in-time approach to the elaboration of the intended system behavior also mitigates the need for lengthy, detailed requirements specifications and sign-offs, which are often used in traditional software development approaches to control quality.

Key Takeaways:

1. Transitioning to agile testing.
2. How to Adopt agile testing mindset.
3. How testing works on agile teams.
4. Build the foundation of core agile practice.

About the Speakers:

Safe & Test First approach

Ankur Srivastava is the Practice Head of Validation Services, having over 15 years of extensive experience in Software Quality Assurance & Testing. He handled multiple large Implementation projects as a Practitioner, Advisor and Test leader. He has more than a decade long experience in global consulting, program management and advisory services. Delivered successful programs in complex and challenging environment for top tier global companies. Partnered with CIO/CEOs/Directors and clients to harness and optimize the IT ecosystem. Mr. Srivastava has rich experience in defining quality strategy, planning, implementation and spearheading quality initiatives at corporate level. And has previously worked with large organisations like Microsoft, SAP Labs & Logica CMG (now CGI) and ensured client delight across geographies. As a thought leader, Ankur has published white papers in the area of emerging technology in the field of testing and has received multiple accolades for driving various initiatives in QA stream at Microsoft and SAP Labs.


BPC Migrations scenarios and approach

Ashutosh Mehar is a seasoned Software Quality practitioner, having extensive experience in managing Quality, Delivery, and Automation for multiple Business critical projects across organizations. He is well practiced in modern Software Engineering parameters like Lean-Agile, Continuous Integration and Deployment and has complied test metrics at organization levels. He has also been involved in arranging workshops and corporate training sessions for knowledge sharing. At Techwave, as Principal Architect in Validation Services, he oversees Quality Engineering architecture initiatives and is responsible for helping to transform our current deliverables through research, designing, sharing, and implementing emerging technologies and test practices in areas across the customer’s value chain.