What a Cloud Journey Really Means

Technology terms are thrown around left and right, but no clear roadmap is ever explained. The journey to the cloud may not always be a straight drive. There might be U-turns but should not be seen as transgressions as they tend to intertwine. There are three stops within the cloud journey: experimentation, migration, and transformation. In this blog you will learn how they work to complete your journey to the cloud.


In this phase, engineers and IT are in the process of developing their app for the business. They are working on how to use the cloud services to develop the application, how to test it, the deployment, and how to monitor and maintain it. At the same time, the business is already thinking about how the app can be enhanced. The mentality here is to always improve what is being done even if the first prototype isn’t finished yet, so a second version of the app can be in development at this phase. This is the phase to familiarize yourself with the cloud’s capabilities. Explore what you can do when creating apps.


This phase is the most work intensive of all. A complete migration is executed for a successful transference to the cloud. Every part of the company works together to help create a smooth transition. Everyone from security to HR must help with the collaboration and cooperation that it takes to complete a migration to the cloud.


The migration and transformation phase tend to coincide due to the speedy nature of the cloud. Applications are perfected at this level so the company can receive the maximum benefits of the cloud. In this phase you will have scalability, and a greater knowledge of how to use cloud services to move forward with the tasks of your company.  Now that you have applications in the cloud, you have machine learning, big data, and analytics on demand for the improvement of your applications.

Consult a Cloud Provider

For a more specific roadmap tailored to your company, it’s always best to consult a cloud service provider. Don’t hesitate in taking the proper steps to modernizing your business. Quench your thirst for innovation with the cloud.