What Techwave does to Empower its Clients, Colleagues, and Communities?

The science behind the success of many organizations remains a close-knit partnership with clients, employees, and the ecosystem we work in.

Techwave stands as a towering example of how empowering all the stakeholders of the organization methodically leads to success. We believe, a customer-centric organization cannot be built on tech-driven pursuits or problem-solving tools alone. It is a core commitment that permeates from the long-term vision of the company to every individual across the hierarchy.

Techwave is driven by a strong sense of collaboration with various stakeholders on:

  • the principles of inclusivity at every level of a project,
  • clear customer-first focus in our services and products,
  • employee initiatives that help them sustain and thrive in their professional and personal lives.

Empowering Clients by Building Cross-Functional Capacities

In an ever-changing world where businesses are steered by cut-throat competition, building a customer-centric perspective has been at the crux of all our partnerships. Quite often, in the process of offering various services and products, culture is underrated. However, it is one of Techwave’s foundational elements. All our employees are aligned collectively and individually to prioritize customer needs.

Apart from this, our clients find a holistic value proposition in terms of our:

  • End-to-end customizations that are not just unique but in line with the client’s business needs
  • A white-glove experience that is competitive, secure, and led by a team of experts
  • Wholesome products & services that fit every size of business- small, medium, and corporates


Our transparency and vehement stress on customer-first policy are deep-rooted within our vision and policies. This brings about a sea of change when it comes to the tactical execution of projects. Techwave boasts long-term relationships by creating distinctive customer experiences.

A greater emphasis on fast and reliable delivery of projects along with adherence to quality metrics and robust feedback mechanisms has helped us recalibrate our equation with clients time and again. The onus of the entire exercise of being customer-centric deep down is owned by every employee of the organization. They are the change commandos who translate the company’s vision into success stories!

Our Offerings

Techwave provides the right fit solution to every business problem. From engineering services to digital transformations to enterprise business services – we are open to working in every value stream, and domain. We explore the latest technologies to add value to our client’s businesses.

Techwave offers an array of solutions like – CloudXoomTM, SupplyVu, Automation, ERP, Engineering (Design and Field) that are tailored to suit our client’s existing businesses and future expansions. Our case studies are our pride and detail our value proposition across various sectors in the industry.

Case Studies

A preview of our client success stories reflects on the commitment Techwave shows in giving a comprehensive solution to business problems. We invest quality time evaluating the core of the problem to paint the most accurate picture of client concerns and challenges.

Our definitive case studies encompass global clients and solutions like:

  • Afresh stock management solution for a top retail client in Germany
  • Re-engineering an outed SAP system
  • A full-scale digital transformation at the reputed Indian School of Business
  • Building complex event processing and log monitoring using BIG DATA
  • Building a serverless design using cloud technology
  • Analysing real-time data for a leading Australian energy firm, and many more.

Techwave spins the solutions wheel catering to every industry across the globe.

The strength behind these successful projects is inevitably our employees who innovate solutions. Beyond understanding the business needs, and filling the technology gaps, they study the core of the problem, derive insights to envisage solutions that address the current need and stay relevant in the future too.

Hence, our employees-Techwavians are our pride, our biggest assets, and facilitators of innovation, change, and empowerment!

Techwavians – Our Empowerment Facilitators 

Techwave believes that employees are not only the core of the organization but the driving force too. Even strong and experienced leadership at the helm of company affairs can fail without the backup of a passionate workforce.

Techwave takes pride in the uniqueness each employee brings in, celebrates the differences, and facilitates a platform to grow, sustain and thrive. We believe that employees are the fundamental unit of any organization; hence, we invest deeply in their well-being.

All our employee initiatives are designed after considerable deliberation with the top management and employees. We like to give them a say in what truly matters the most to them. Creating a growth-centric conducive environment for all the employees has always been at our forefront.

Techwave fosters an open-door policy to make everyone feel comfortable. Here are a few differentiating initiatives that help every Techwavian:

  • Reward and Recognition : Leaving behind the Regular R&R, Techwave has created a unique appreciation system such as Kudos – an integrated employee platform that stands for communicating, connecting, motivating, and appreciating our colleagues. Thus, fostering a fun and inclusive workplace that is energizing and rewarding to each other.
  • Engagement Activities : Our engagement activities start with a clear mandate on maintaining cordial employee-manager relations, allowing each Techwavian to collaborate within and outside of work. Our engagement activities include celebrating birthdays to organizing Eid lunches, from relaxing on a yoga day to occasional mind and dance therapy sessions. The joy of collective engagement has indeed helped employees refresh to hit back at work with greater enthusiasm.
  • Learning and Development: At Techwave, learning has no bounds. We constantly encourage our teams to learn and unlearn, keep them abreast of the latest technologies, give them a platform to showcase their skills. Apart from regular employee engagement, we encourage every employee to upskill by creating avenues to upend their tech skills and fulfil their professional ambitions.
  • COVID Care : With the rising concern of the pandemic, we have launched a robust COVID care for all our employees. Thus, giving them rock-solid support to fall back on, during their lean periods. As a part of our COVID care program, we equip all our employees with
    • Paid COVID Leaves apart from Annual leaves
    • Thorough Insurance Support
    • Hospital Assistance (if needed)
    • Free online Doctor consultation
  • Mental Health Programs :Growing lifestyle imbalances, especially in the past three years have taken a toll on each one of us. At Techwave, employee welfare supersedes every other aspect. Underscoring this, we have partnered with InnerHour – a mental health platform, to empower our employees with the knowledge that mental wellbeing is not a privilege, but a priority.

Through InnerHour’s Happiness Program, our employees have access to a range of mental health tools and services like:

  • Unlimited access to the InnerHour app to get personalized support to combat depression, anxiety & other mental health concerns.
  • Sessions with qualified therapists over call, video, or chat.
  • Periodic webinars (Pro Bono) delivered by experts on topics around well-being, productivity, & happiness.
  • Digital newsletters to become more aware and learn coping skills.

We understand that clients, partners, and colleagues play a critical role in an organizations’ success. However, our role as a part of the community translates into our responsibility towards the same. Techwave believes in giving back to the very community that allows us to flourish in the ecosystem.

How do we empower our communities? 

At Techwave, we understand the perks of making small changes in our daily lives for bringing about a larger societal impact. To develop, grow and sustain a community, has its challenges. Hence, at an organizational level, we try in various ways, to make an impact and strengthen the community that we live and work in.

CSR Programs

We invest in impactful CSR programs that implement real changes and empower communities at the grassroots level. Techwave stresses giving back to the community, doing our bit, and volunteering in underrepresented initiatives. To name a few:?

  • Sharing knowledge bites : Environment day/Earth Day initiatives include sharing insider information from experts on how to conserve, grow, and reduce our carbon footprint. A classic example of this is our Techwave Houston volunteer drive at the memorial park conservancy where we planted saplings.
  • Feeding the frontline: Sharing lunch with the Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Centre Healthcare team for their dedicated efforts for meeting the critical health needs during the pandemic.
  • Volunteering services at the Houston food bank: Techwave’s Houston Team Members volunteered to unload the Houston Food Bank truck, arrange food boxes, and load individual vehicles for the families in need.
  • Whitathon : A virtual run initiative by LV Prasad eye institution (LVPEI) to raise awareness and funds for treatment of Retinoblastoma (eye cancer) in underprivileged children

Our social responsibility efforts are thoughtfully planned to provide a transformational change in the community around us and the mindset of people. Thus, making them conscious owners and consumers of natural resources, communities, societies, and nature, by and large. Techwavians embrace the CSR program, not as a management directive but at their own free will. In the coming years, we are positive about making a difference in how we operate in communities and give back to our ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Techwave’s almost 2-decade long journey towards empowering success through clients, colleagues, and communities has been beautiful. We aim to keep adding value to transform our long-term vision into reality.

Our model of empowering all the stakeholders at varying hierarchies gives us a deeper understanding of how each client, colleague, and community are different and the uniqueness each one of them brings to the table. This also gives us a strong sense of inclusion with no barriers to communication, resulting in deeper employee engagements, enhanced performances, coupled with stronger alliances, and a sense of purpose and belongingness in the communities that we are a part of.

In all its entirety, Techwave practices “EMPOWER SUCCESS” – it’s not just a tagline!