What to do if you were ready for Black Friday sales, but your ecommerce site wasn’t…

‘Tis the season of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the pre-Christmas shopping rush. All too soon to be followed by January sales. As an online retailer you’ll be looking forward to the revenue opportunities that this time of year brings: boosts in customer traffic, online sales and product purchases.

But this time of year can also bring unexpected risks and worries. Will your e-commerce store stand up to a sudden increase in demand? Is your team standing by to support the peak in traffic and stress to your IT systems? Are you able to increase resources to keep up with demand? And, if something does go wrong, do you have a plan in place to recover quickly and get back up and running?

Sudden peaks in demand can often expose underlying problems that are not visible during normal operations. For example, systems that normally operate close to capacity can suddenly be overwhelmed when demand surges… resulting in areas of your website grinding to a dramatic halt. If your website is set up with a database that operates optimally with lower levels of data inputs and outputs, it would be an unpleasant surprise to have to figure out how to cope with a sudden increase in orders.

If any of these scenarios resonate with your recent holiday shopping experience, now is the time to take action.

Techwave can help your team implement a readiness plan that allows you to flexibly prepare for a jump in demand, identify potential weaknesses and deal with any risks. Whether it’s with a fast-paced technical review of your digital commerce store’s reliability and resiliency, or providing a standby technical team that can boost your ability to deal with any issues, the experts at Techwave have you covered. Leverage our Customer Experience team’s decades of successful support and start developing your ecommerce solutions.