Why do top CTOs prefer SAP Managed Service Providers (MSPs)?

Though it often sounds excruciating, change is inevitable, and some changes are necessary. The pandemic profoundly affected many aspects of our lives, business being a major casualty. One of the biggest exposures because of the pandemic is how interconnected the business economy is and how it has expedited digital transformation worth a decade in a mere span of 2 years, keeping technology leaders and key decision makers of an organization on their toes.

The Challenging and Unglamorous Role of a Tech Leader 

A visionary technical leader is more or less a major part of the backbone that supports an organization. They are responsible for shepherding technical strategies and emerging technologies that really keep a company viable. It is the additional responsibility and pressures of digital disruptions and new tech capabilities that add to external market competition and render the existing technology obsolete! A few of the basic concerns keeping the tech leaders awake are:  

  • Cyberattacks, tech outages, and breaches
  • The struggle to overcome the complexities that accompany growth and questions like-

                   a)How to put all major processes on autopilot?
                   b)How to reduce the stress, the growing user-base puts on our systems?
                   c)How to effectively analyze your data to make strategic decisions that improve employee productivity?

These and more, incessantly worry decision-makers and while they have been able to address these pain points to a great extent with the help of SAP solutions and SAP deployments on Cloud infrastructure, they still have to struggle with concerns like: 

  • New process implementations and its subsequent challenges
  • Hiring the right resources for SAP solutions and Cloud Computing
  • Longer lead time to complete SAP migration on Cloud
  • Regular SAP training to keep in-house technical team up to date
  • Building “SAP on Cloud” expertise to address competition 
  • 24/7 monitoring of systems and regular maintenance operations
  • Ensuring data security
  • Ensuring Seamless governance
  • Providing latest updates concerning the evolving SAP solution set, etc
  • Better analytic capabilities to support decision-making and scaling operations
  • Cost optimization and driving better business outcomes
  • Changing needs of the customer-base
  • Uncover hidden opportunities and new revenue streams 

Disruptions and disasters may occur overnight! While you may have put in 100 percent in establishing a great in-house technical team and are confident of effective management and their level of expertise, you can never be confident of retaining all the resources and being available round-the-clock to minutely monitor the smallest of operations. The costs of hiring, training, and maintaining an expert team of professionals come at a huge price – another liability keeping you awake! What could be the best approach for an effective, updated, constantly monitored, and budgeted solution to your challenges? 

An SAP Managed Service Provider (MSP) can save you money by optimizing resources and maximizing productivity with the help of a pool of experts and the latest tools.  An MSP considerably lowers recruitment costs, allows you to budget better, and frees up your resources to focus on the other challenging aspects of your business. Paying a monthly fee is always budget-friendlier than unforeseen costs associated with human errors and unanticipated disasters. 

What can be the potential impact of engaging an SAP Managed Service Provider in your business? 

We understand that the length and breadth of the SAP landscape can be very complicated and demands the involvement of a team of SAP experts in various domains with immense focus and knowledge that cannot be appropriately fulfilled at minimal costs by a business alone. And that’s when businesses turn towards SAP Managed Service Providers.  

MSPs primarily leverage SAP capabilities on cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and incredible customizations with user-case innovations. It acts as a sweet combination of managing software development’s technical and functional elements to focus on your business, its productivity, and credibility. 

Overall, MSP acts as a complete substitute to an entire team of in-house professionals and equipment dedicated to managing your SAP solutions, cloud computing, innovations, security operations, and much more!  


SAP Managed Service Provides nudges your business in the right direction.

Secure the Future and Grow your Business with SAP MSP

CTOs and IT Heads are expected to hold constant scalability to remain viable in the business. Unscalable infrastructure, high competition on a global level, redundant hardware in business, dynamic and seasonal workloads are some of the challenges overcome by a Managed Service Provider. Their services run the spectrum from security, network administration, and IT support to data backup, business process streamlining, and everything in between to keep a business alive and In an era of virtual meetings, e-signatures, and e-mail communication, it is incumbent on companies that their leaders engage MSPs who are capable of protecting valuable assets to avoid disaster. So, how does a C-Suite tech leader ensure the same? By conducting due diligence, asking verifiable questions, evaluating their track record, and seeking out MSPs committed to certification and innovation.

Techwave’s role as a leading SAP Managed Service Provider

Established in 2004, Techwave is an advanced SAP MSP, with expertise in multi-cloud management services. In offering unmatched digital transformation capabilities, Techwave has shifted its major focus to hassle-free SAP migration on the cloud space, particularly on AWS, and has been doing immensely well over the recent years. With a diverse client base, Techwave has continued to provide flexible services to various emerging businesses as well as giants and meticulously invested in advanced technologies like SAP Cloud Services to enable a better IT infrastructure and seamless business operations. If you are a leader or a decision-maker perpetually driven to improve your business, then partnering with an SAP MSP is your quintessential opportunity to actualize your goals. Techwave is a popular SAP MSP as it offers a superlative blend of SAP consulting services and cloud computing services that propel your business to greater heights!