Is satisfaction still unticked on your daily task list? 

Do you ever take a trip down memory lane and recall the projects that fill you with confidence and made you proud of yourself? What is so special about them? 

In our professional journey, we tend to become the biggest critics of our work, judging, and evaluating productivity in the currency of time. However, it is more critical to ask ourselves, ‘does the work finished today translate into a growth opportunity for the organization tomorrow while contributing to your learning opportunities?’ 

In the fight between quality and quantity, quantity often wins the battle, pushing the employees to ditch quality to ensure the completion of tasks. When we make our to-do list, there is a need to focus on the minimum number of tasks that can be delivered of top-notch quality in the given period. Finishing tasks in a particular amount of time is an important criterion, but not when it hampers the quality of the work. It then becomes merely a task checked out from the to-do list. 

Quality of work is unique to a person. We often hear ’employees are replaceable’, but no two people think alike, and the employee’s approach to finishing the task defines the quality and brings their uniqueness to the table. When we set a standard of work or pattern to carry out the task, we not only limit the individuality but also force them into compromising the quality to achieve the task the way we want.  

At Techwave, the growth of our employees is at the core of our efforts and initiatives to become digital transformation partners. When employees engage more with their work, they deliver quality work. Techwave offers its colleagues the flexibility to migrate and engage with teams that they are interested in. This promotes appreciation and freedom to perform as per their choice.

The amount of time spent working in the office often becomes the criterion to judge a person’s dedication to their work and the organization, but this approach takes away the focus from the quality of work they have done or the contribution their work made.  

Quality-based appreciation and growth encourage people to focus and push even harder toward delivering work that enhances their performance, which in turn contributes to the organization’s growth. According to a recent survey by Gallup, “employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.” 

So, in conclusion, quantity finishes tasks for the organization, but quality adds value to the organization. 

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