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Techwave Sets up New Headquarters in Houston


Techwave’s Strategic AMS Deployment for Enhanced Real Estate Operations


Techwave’s MDU Survey App Reshapes Europe’s FTTH Landscape, Setting New Standards for Precision and Efficiency

Passion Beyond 9-5: Techwave’s “Keeping the I Alive”


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Enterprise Digital Services

As experts in Digital Transformation, our sole purpose is to drive innovation in an increasingly competitive climate. Our global team combines technical knowledge, breakthrough analytics and a genuine understanding of today’s consumers to empower you to stay ahead of the game. 

Engineering Services

As a global leader in engineering, our expertise and experience can bring excellent value to your business. We use both turnkey and segmented approaches to create cost-effective solutions, ensure quality and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction at every step

Enterprise Business Services

Applications are at the heart of all progressive enterprises to support business strategy and delivery elements. We offer a complete portfolio of Enterprise Application Solutions to help you keep your customers engaged and support your long-term business goals.


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Digital Transformation and Engineering Services Customized for Your Industry

Our vertical solutions equip you with the tools you need to streamline processes, boost productivity, and thrive in a digital landscape. Regardless of your industry, our combination of experience and technical knowledge will make sure your business stays adaptable, innovative, and compliant with the regulations.

Life Sciences

As a true innovator, you need technology that’s as forward-thinking as you are. Our bespoke solutions help you make the world a better place.

Financial Services

The financial world is undergoing rapid changes. Stay one step ahead with bespoke technology that moves with the times.


The distribution market is becoming more complex every day, and our technologies can help you manage every aspect of your business in one easily accessible space.


Streamline processes, save time and add real value with state-of-the-art technology.


Stay connected to the people that matter the most with our scalable, cost-effective telecom solutions.


Adapt and develop your services to meet the needs of an increasingly customer-centric marketplace.


Our clients speak for us


President, Cashé Software

“In today’s software dev world, writing code to specs is table stakes.  But when a team can anticipate your requirements and ‘read between’ the lines and develop a platform that is superior to anything on the market, you know that they are as, or more invested in the product than we are.” 

A doctor with a mobile phone in her hand.


CIO, JPW Industries 

“Techwave provided complete solution tailored to our needs. Thanks to the vast experience of the team, they also ensured flawless project management in terms of timely deliveries, workload fluctuations, required resources, and technical knowledge.” 

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CIO, Eurochange/NM Money 

“With over 200 branches in UK, Eurochange partnered with Techwave to modernised our legacy system and have offered a much-needed customer product design. We have chosen Techwave for their outstanding reputation and their  flexible approach  for their partners. The quality of delivery and commitment of the team is fantastic.”

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People are at the core of everything we do

Techwave shares a mutual empowerment with partners by building stronger relationships with them that are beyond a piece of paper. To us, relationships matter the most.


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