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Life sciences companies will also see a decrease in technical and professional skills for this industry. This will cause these companies to compete for talent at a global level. In a recent survey 75% of the participants rated this issue as critical. Only 15% think they are ready to address it.

According to a report generated in 2015, global life sciences sector outlook, global healthcare spend will grow at 5.2% annually at least until 2018. In North America the spend will be 4.9%, 4.6% in Latin America, 2.4% in Western Europe, 8.1% in Asia, and 8.7% in the Middle East and Africa.

Pharma’s market size is $1.23 trillion, Biotech is $289 billion, and Med tech is $364 billion.

Life sciences companies spent $700 billion in M&A transactions in just the first half of 2014. That was more than all of 2013 and comes close to totalling the mega merger years of 2008 and 2010.

Health care is becoming more technology enabled with wearables, sensors, digital medicine, etc. As growth slows down in developed markets, companies need to identify the next emerging markets.

More than any other industry, the pharmaceutical sector is highly dependent on its research and development segment. Pharmaceutical companies invest 20 percent and more of their revenues in R&D measures.

Life Sciences need to keep up with their constantly changing industry dynamics to stay competitive. They face challenges of reducing costs, increasing revenues, improving operational efficiencies, getting new products to the market faster, consumer loyalty, meeting regulatory requirements, and many more. With these growing challenges, manufacturers are compelled to adopt advanced and latest IT technologies and automation levels to stay ahead of the competition. Thus, IT plays the role of a strategic tool to organizational change, quality improvement, cycle-time reduction, and maintenance of regulatory compliance.

We work with our clients in their strategic initiatives to create reliable long-term IT services relationships. Clients work with us to create the right processes that are personalized and flexible. We supplement these processes with the right values and a commitment to excel - which are long term relationship requirements. Together, we create new capabilities for you to realise your IT initiatives.

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  • Introducing next-generation technology without expensive resource retraining, experimentation or failure
  • Optimizing cost of applications by leveraging alternative sourcing and delivery models
  • Participation in development of a strategic IT vision
  • Fall back option for specialized IT skills and burst capacity
  • Value addition through domain expertise
  • Take the pain out of day-to-day management of IT human resources

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  • Enterprise manufacturing intelligence
  • Electronic batch records
  • Laboratory information management
  • Manufacturing execution system
  • Product life cycle management
  • Quality management system


  • Marketing management
  • CRM and Sales force automation
  • Integrated sales system
  • Brand management
  • Life science multichannel campaign management


  • Business geographics
  • Sales analysis
  • Inventory analysis
  • Vendor analysis
  • Customer analysis


  • Integrated demand and replenishment
  • Planning
  • DC and warehouse management
  • Logistics management (3PL, 4PL)
  • Order management
  • Fleet management
  • Supply chain strategy and excellence


  • Regulatory submission
  • Drug portfolio management
  • Discovery infomatics


  • Finance
  • Human resource
  • Procurement


Organizations that have an existing implementation are looking for solutions on advanced topics ranging from manufacturing and asset optimization and Supply Chain Management to specialized CRM solution that operate in a B2B and/or B2C and of course further improving fiscal transparency for the management. Techwave has many ready-to-run solutions that can be customized for specific requirements.


In today’s dynamic business environment, analytics are pivotal to support real – time, enterprise – wide business agility. Opportunities must be pro-actively balanced against risks, and to maximize profitability, all employees need to understand the financial impacts of their decisions before they act. Techwave brings its expert knowledge of frameworks and templates to develop specific dashboards and other analytical reports for our clients.


Organizations must adapt to a changing world and bring enterprise mobility to business with solutions to transform their value chains. Enterprise mobility can help to integrate new operations, mitigate supply chain risks, prevent incidents, and redefine collaboration with partners and customers. Techwave works with clients to build custom specific solutions that meet the needs of the given situation.


Organizations need to increase visibility into the sales performance and pipeline from a B2B and/or B2C perspective and make profitable decisions based on consistent management of prices, margins, production status, etc. across all sales channels. Especially in a B2B context, there are also other customer specific regulatory and compliance requirements that have to be tracked. Techwave delivers solutions to meet all these requirements on a range of CRM platforms using various frameworks.

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Life Sciences Success Story

Full-Cycle SAP Implementation & Integration

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Life Sciences Success Story

Financial planning and application a better view of the future

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Centralised CRM system for a leading manufacturer

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SAP Implementation, Maintenance & Support

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Life Sciences Brochure

Strategic Sourcing of IT in Life Sciences

Life Sciences need to keep up with their constantly changing industry dynamics to stay competitive... viagra cost per pill in mexico Click Here to download.
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Life Sciences White Paper

IT trends in Indian Life Sciences

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is today the fourth largest globally in volume terms and 13th largest in value terms and continues to grow annually at 14%... Click Here to download.