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Life Sciences

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The life sciences industry is rapidly evolving, and, as we’ve seen in recent years, changes in our global environment are driving incredible achievements. To keep up with this, life science organizations need robust, reliable technologies that allow great minds to do their very best work, unhindered by IT problems.

It’s our mission to empower you to achieve your organizational goals through state-of-the-art technology that focuses on compliance, accuracy, and sustainability.

A scientist holding a flask and showing the results his colleagues.



  • Enterprise manufacturing intelligence
  • Electronic batch records
  • Laboratory information management
  • Manufacturing execution system
  • Product life cycle management
  • Quality management system

Sales and Marketing

  • Marketing management
  • CRM and Salesforce automation
  • Integrated sales system
  • Brand management
  • Life science multichannel campaign management


  • Business geographics
  • Sales analysis
  • Inventory analysis
  • Vendor analysis
  • Customer analysis

Supply Chain

  • Integrated demand and replenishment
  • Planning
  • DC and warehouse management
  • Logistics management (3PL, 4PL)
  • Order management
  • Fleet management
  • Supply chain strategy and excellence


  • Regulatory submission
  • Drug portfolio management
  • Discovery informatics

Support Services

  • Finance
  • Human resource
  • Procurement


Advance ERP – Getting More Value From Your Existing Implementation

Our ready-to-run solutions can fit into your existing infrastructure, or we’ll help you create something entirely new. We can help navigate complex tasks like supply chain management, asset optimization, and customer journey mapping. Our winning CRM solutions fit seamlessly into B2B and B2C environ

Analytics – Accurate Prediction of Business and Customer Needs

Analytics are pivotal to any industry, but few more so than Life Sciences. We help you gain deeper insights than ever, balancing opportunities against risks and maximizing profits at every turn.

Mobility – Real-Time Business Information in Your Hand

Organizations of all kinds are embracing mobile technology, and our enterprise mobility solutions fit perfectly into the Life Sciences industry. We help you integrate new operations, mitigate supply chain risks, prevent incidents, and redefine collaboration with partners and customers.

CRM – Collaborate Effectively and Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences

Customer satisfaction has never been a bigger priority. If you need to gain a deeper understanding of sales performance and make more profitable decisions about prices, margins, status, and customer engagement, our tailor-made solutions represent a whole new world of opportunities.


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