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Corporate Social Responsibility at Techwave embodies its core values in its corporate goals to ensure a better world for all. Techwave believes that Sustainability can be ensured only if all resources – financial, natural, social, human, and physical are continually and responsibly enhanced for the benefit of the business. The CSR team is responsible to offset the impact of business in the immediate neighborhood. Techwave believes that business and its environment are inter-dependent, and that focus should be on strengthening the organic link between them.


Committing to ethical business practices that are fair to all stakeholders.


  • Having minimal impact on the natural environment
  • Enabling local communities to develop their potential
  • Empowering employees to be responsible for civil society members
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Reducing Carbon Footprints

In an increasingly industrialized world, Techwave also recognizes the importance of taking care of our planet and mitigating our footprint. We are innovating for tomorrow and putting innovative solutions in place across our business to leave our planet a better place. We believe in making smart green decisions and taking action to care for our planet. That means not only reducing our footprint but going beyond to restore and improve our communities where our offices reside, and we do this by staying committed to using resources responsibly. That is why we have committed to reducing plastic use by 50% at the end of 2021 across all the global offices.

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Charitable Giving

Techwave is actively engaged in giving back to our local communities. Being a part of a global organization, we have the privilege of charitably giving all over the world. We are working with local organizations that need support across the globe by raising awareness and matching donations to employee contributions. Our current partners are Houston Food Bank, Akshaya Patra. In times of crisis, we work with local organizations to raise funds to assist the communities. We are committed to focusing on charitable giving across the globe by supporting at least one community every quarter.

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Volunteering In The Community

At Techwave, we create opportunities for our team to give back to their communities. Part of being a great neighbor is supporting communities through local giving of both money and time. We always find opportunities to support of community festivals and other charitable events and provide support for local organizations, including food shelves, public safety partners, and more. As a commitment to the initiative, employees across the globe will volunteer at least 100 hours on an annual basis.

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Workforce Wellness

We also believe in the importance of a healthy workplace environment – empowering our employees to take care of themselves and others. Through the encouragement and requirement of yearly, employee participation in at least one charitable or self-improvement program, we have seen Techwave’ s culture flourish and grows. Some of the most active programs that employees are involved in include:

  • MS150
  • Pink Crusader
  • Techwave Go-Fit Challenge
  • Bi-Annual Health Camps
  • Employee Assistance Programs
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Giving Back to the Community