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Consumer Package Goods

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Our technological solutions give you far greater control of how your business works now and, in the future.

There have been many challenges facing by GPG manufacturers in recent years, and we’re here to help navigate this rapidly evolving market. Our technological solutions give you far greater control of how your business works now and, in the future, helping you combat rising costs, understand your supply chain, and respond to increased consumer demands. We’ll create systems that work around your needs with benefits including.

  • Faster, more efficient processes
  • Reduced costs and increased profits
  • Precise, accurate data that facilitates better decision making
  • Happier, more engaged customers
  • Optimal operational performance
  • Greater compliance
  • Creating a culture of innovation


Sales and Marketing

CPG industry trends are constantly evolving. Technological innovation is key to staying on top of everyday and unexpected challenges, so you can stay relevant by implementing more strategic sales and marketing plans.

Our Sales and Marketing solutions include:

  • Salesforce Automation
  • Brand Management
  • Customer Value Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Trade Planning and Promotion Management
  • Customer Loyalty Management


The way the world shops has changed dramatically in recent years, particularly since the global pandemic of 2020. With eCommerce now an expectation, you need a robust digital presence to stay on top of consumer demands.

Our digital solutions integrate custom technology capabilities that align with your manufacturing goals, including:

  • ECommerce Re-platforming
  • Cross Channel Integration
  • POS Data Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Omni Pricing and Agile Pricing
  • Digital Marketing


There are many challenges associated with supply chain logistics, such as understanding customer behaviour, managing risks, inventory planning, supplier relationships and collaborating with partners worldwide. Our CPG services create solutions that optimize the performance of your supply chain and help you understand it like never before. Services include:

  • Supply Network Optimization
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Warehouse Management Solutions
  • Global Trade Solutions
  • Strategic Sourcing


Mobility solutions have put the power of technology in the palm of our hands. We offer cutting-edge tech solutions that leverage the power of the mobile device, so you and your team can manage demands and gain valuable insights wherever you may be.

Our CPG mobile solutions include:

  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Payments
  • Customer Location Intelligence
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions for CPG
  • Mobile Product Look-up


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