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Capability Driven Assessment Framework for Digital Transformation

Quantifying the potential impact of technological, process, and organizational change in the context of a service provider’s digital transformation journey.


The world has been on a journey to digitization for decades. Still, the process of getting the best out of your digital systems is ongoing in response to new technologies and changing business needs. We call this digital maturity, and success involves crucial questions about where you are now, where you’ve been, and the road still ahead. Like many other journeys in life, that road isn’t always straightforward. Our Digital Capability Assessment Framework helps you navigate that journey and lead you to a successful outcome.

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The idea of digital value mapping is to help businesses identify their organizational maturity, provide comparative benchmarks, and elevate digital capabilities now and in the future. It’s split into three simple stages: 

Stage 1

Identify current state

  • Access the current state operating model
  • Define existing digital capabilities

Stage 2

Design future state

  • Identify gaps and improvement opportunities
  • Develop initiatives and business cases
  • Map journey ahead

Stage 3

Develop a roadmap

  • Set the maturity level of future digital capabilities
  • Design a future operating model


Mapping your organization’s digital capabilities can bring the following benefits:

  • Calibrates available capabilities and barriers
  • Benchmarks current practices against industry trends and critical maturity indicators
  • Helps identify long term goals and design solutions that foster innovation

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