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Tailormade AMS Support, From Strategy to Build

Supporting businesses to unlock the real potential of your SAP workloads as you focus on your core competencies.


As a certified SAP Gold Partner, Techwave has the authority and knowledge to deliver all your SAP application support processes from inception. Supported by a Center of Excellence with over 500 skilled technical and functional resources, we’re the perfect partner for your SAP transformation. 

Our support methodology focuses on customer collaboration, in line with our four AMS pillars:

  • Governance
  • Process 
  • Innovation 
  • Reliability
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Techwave SAP AMS Engagement Model

Techwave infographic for SAP AMS engagement model

The Techwave Experience

What sets us apart from the competition is that we care about giving you the best SAP experience possible. Our consistent, transparent processes, unmatched quality guarantee, flexible delivery, and competitive pricing consistently set us among the world’s most trusted SAP providers. 

We believe in combining stable processes with innovation, using our tried and tested 3P (People, Process and Performance) framework to deliver world-class services time after time. 

  • Expert, tailor-made services
  • In-depth understanding of SMEs
  • Proprietary in-house ALM tool
  • Robust KT mechanism
  • On-demand onsite support
  • Follow-the-Sun support model
  • Regular systems health check
  • Visible ROI and cost-effective
  • Onshore-Offshore support backed by GDC and RDC

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