How can your hobbies help you with your work project? 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but what happens when Jack goes to work? 

Practicing a productive hobby outside work plays a pivotal role in work life balance. Hobbies are not only a welcome change to drive away the monotony of our work, but in fact, it directly helps us to be better at our job(s).  

This is no rocket science that hobbies help drive away work stress, but what is interesting to see is how hobbies directly make us better at work. According to Dr. Kevin Eschleman, an assistant psychology professor at San Francisco State University, who led a study on the correlation between hobbies and job performance, “It gives you a sense of mastery, you’re developing new skills, new thought processes and really challenging yourself to learn something new and develop your skill set” 

Now if we think about it, don’t we all love the sense of mastery? And there is no harm when this gets combined with discipline. This not only prepares people for any challenge but also keeps the mind open for new experiences. Occasional indulgence in Yoga helps keep everyday stress at bay while making people more committed to their daily jobs by improving their concentration as well as patience. 

Hobbies have a positive impact on the workspace because they ultimately teach us something; they help us utilize our time productively. For example, playing a musical instrument helps one to get closer to every minute detail along with the lines of the musical notes as well as develops a sense of constant practice. On the other hand, breaking a leg in team sports helps people develop a sense of their teammates and surroundings even eat their workplaces. This helps people to work better in teams when required.  

Truly, there is no denying that the bustle of our lives keeps us tangled in one vine or another but often a small tug at our favorite hobby branch yields more fruits than we might think. 

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