Improve agility, secure your data, future proof your business

By running SAP applications on Amazon Web Services, you will be able to enjoy newfound flexibility that will not only dramatically improve agility but also help you save costs long term. We use a combination of traditional and emerging technologies to help you better respond to your evolving business needs and drive real value.

About CloudXoomTM

Techwave’s “CloudXoomTM Program” empowers organizations of all sizes to migrate their SAP workloads, including S/4 HANA, SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BW and others to Amazon Web Services, resulting in cost savings of up to 30-33%. 

The CloudXoomTM Program combines the power of AWS power with enhanced automation by Techwave’s Autonetics Platform (TAP) and DevOps teams, helping clients rapidly move their SAP workloads to AWS and manage them with ease.

Why Techwave?

The AWS Partner Network (APN) accredits us as an Advanced Consulting Partner, recognizing our technical proficiency and success in migrating SAP environments to AWS. Our Successes have made us the go-to provider for prestigious clients who want to get the best out of their SAP solutions.

CloudXoomTM Program Highlights

Acceleration Funding

Benefit from joint funding from Techwave’s CloudXoomTM Program and AWS

Unique Program

We design and implement the right migration strategies to suit your individual needs

Enhanced Security

CloudXoomTM world-class security features mitigate risks during and after migration

Why move your SAP workloads to AWS?

Cloud Innovation for Business

AWS services span traditional offerings and emerging technologies, helping you reduce the risks, costs, and complexities usually associated with migrations 


By transferring your SAP workloads to AWS, you can dramatically reduce costs associated with ownership. 

Secure and Compliant

Running your SAP applications on AWS helps you  meet strict regulatory requirements and strengthen your security profile

Certified and Supported For SAP

SAP and AWS have been collaborating since 2011, and SAP has certified AWS for production deployments of SAP applications, platforms, and databases

High Performance

Amazon EC2 X1 and X1e instances can support memory-intensive applications, such as SAP HANA, with automated resource provisioning, single-pane-of-glass visibility, and optimal application availability

Partner Offering

Our purpose-built accelerators and automation frameworks significantly reduce migration times. Our funding program with AWS typically provides customers with cost savings of up to 33%.

Migrating your SAP Workloads to AWS

In partnership with AWS, we provide various migration services to help you move data and applications to the cloud quickly and securely. The following are the most common scenarios:

Lift and Shift

Current SAP customers running the SAP Business Suite (ECC) on any on-premises database (SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.) can migrate their workloads to AWS. This ability dramatically reduces the cost of running SAP and allows for streamlined, seamless adoption of emerging technology: meaning more significant innovation and faster results.

Convert and Upgrade to SAP HANA

When moving SAP workloads to AWS, you can deploy SAP HANA in less than 35 minutes (x1 4TB). 

You can also quickly identify exact memory requirements, thus avoiding upfront capital investments that keep you locked in for years. This service applies to SAP Business Suite (ECC) and SAP Business Warehouse (BW) customers.

Extend Core SAP Business Processes

AWS offers many native services to give you full advantage of enterprise-class technologies like big data and analytics, DevOps, IoT, and machine learning. 

Want to learn more about how moving to AWS can make your business more agile and future proof? Contact us today.