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Techwave is a leader in AWS cloud consulting, cloud migration solutions, and next-generation cloud-managed services that fulfill organizations’ demands worldwide. 

We specialize in cloud consulting and have built, moved, and deployed a wide range of critical business applications for various industries. On the AWS Enterprise Cloud Platform, we also provide cloud consulting in SysOps, DevOps, and SLA-driven cloud managed services. 

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Our cloud professionals and consultants evaluate, organize, and execute advanced cloud solutions to help you achieve your business objectives. These are some of them

Our cloud experts have delivered innovative cloud solutions to some of the leading players in many industries. We have a track record of assessing the feasibility and performance of business processes and architecture and evaluating, optimizing, and automating them. We allow smooth configuration and migration of essential and complex workloads on the cloud at reduced prices and faster deployment. 

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AWS Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers metered pay-as-you-go cloud computing platforms and APIs to consumers. These web services for cloud computing include various basic abstract technical infrastructure and distributed computing building blocks and utilities.AWS Cloud Services are easy to use, flexible, cost-effective, secure, reliable, and provides high-performance.

The AWS cloud services are: 

  • AWS Cloud Consulting Services. 
  • Next-gen Managed services/Hybrid Services. 
  • AWS Cloud Migration Services. 
  • Dev-ops Consulting/Automation. 
  • DB Migration as services. 
  • AWS Well Architect Reviews.

App Modernization

With AWS App Modernization services, you get complete control of your app’s migration to a reliable infrastructure and a deep set of services.  According to your business requirements, you can lift and shift, refactor, or even wholly re-platform your applications with AWS. Not only this, AWS helps you to optimize your business outcome with the most efficiency and minimal costs.

Some of its components are:

  • Containers as a service
  • Function as a service
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Tech Stack

AWS Cloud Security

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Security Services provide tools and features that ensuring the safety of its cloud infrastructure.

They provide a vast range of security-related features, including encryption, key management, identity, access management (IAM), etc., which help you implement your organization’s security policies.

One of the services under cloud security services is:

  • AWS Security as Services (SAS)


AWS makes machine learning accessible to every developer, data scientist, and expert practitioner by offering. This is ensured by the availability of the broadest and deepest set of machine learning services and supporting cloud infrastructure. Currently, over one hundred thousand customers are helped by AWS to accelerate their machine learning journey.  

  • Chat Bot
  • Machine Learning
  • Image Recognition

AWS Data and Analytics

Modernize data platforms by migrating to the cloud and build cloud-native EDW, data lakes, and analytical platforms to deliver actionable insights.

AWS lake formations enable you to build and secure your data faster and more efficiently. Additionally, with purpose-built Analytics Services, you get better performance, scalability, and lower costs while innovating easier processes for you to combine, move and replicate data across various storage locations.

AWS also provides you governance capabilities with centralized access control and policies and column-level filtering of data.

Techwave AWS Consulting Benefits

In partnership with AWS, an industry leader in the public cloud, Techwave comes with a lot of relevant and vital experience. Along with experience comes expertise in consulting. As the right-sized partner for your business, Techwave understands your organization’s nitty-gritty and is agile enough to provide solutions that suit your requirements. Some significant benefits of Techwave AWS Consulting Services are :

Flexible Management

Fast and Secure


Ease of Administration

Highly Scalable

Techwave Cloud Products


iMicron is a comprehensive Cloud Solutions Partner for Global Enterprises. It is a cloud aggregator platform that provides curated end-to-end cloud management solutions and products that fit your unique business requirements. IMicron is the only product that has integrated solution, cloud, and support, all in one platform.


  • Reduce capital expenditure by moving IT operations to an operational expenditure model
  • Reduce on-site workforce dependencies by 40%
  • Zero to the low cost of fuel, power, and building for managed services
  • With our flagship clustering and multi-tenant model, licensing costs can be reduced by 25%
  • Increase service efficiency by 15% and coverage by 25% from an 18 X 5 to 24 X 7 working model.
  • Provision of personalized support system


TAP or Techwave Autonetics Platform (TAPTM) is a cost-effective, customizable, and portable solution for process automation. Businesses automated using TAPTM can drastically reduce time, effort, and human errors by significantly improving accuracy and efficiency.


  • Cost optimization using process automation as fewer human resources required
  • Increased maintenance and reliability of structures as processes are executed according to the SOP
  • Increased operational efficiency as automation facilitates activities smoothly in an error-free environment
  • Saves time as TAPTM frees up human time for more vital and strategic organizational tasks
  • Significantly reduces TAT as it eliminates unnecessary delays through workflow optimization.

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