​Product and Platform Engineering

Engineering the future: Next-Gen Platforms & Disruptive Products

Supporting organizations to conceptualize, build and maintain modern, agile, and innovative digital products and platforms.


In today’s digital world, the success of any business depends on its ability to rapidly adapt and innovate. This is where Techwave’s Product and Platform Engineering Services come in – our solutions are designed to help businesses stay ahead of the curve and achieve their ​​digital transformation goals. Our approach is backed by research that shows the importance of platform and product engineering in driving business growth and innovation. 

A leading management consulting firm survey found that companies with platform-based business models are twice as likely to experience rapid growth as those with traditional business models. Our platform-centric approach enables businesses to create a robust product and service ecosystem that improves customer experience and drives revenue growth. However, the journey toward digital transformation can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to developing and managing the software and platforms that drive a company’s operations. This is where our services come in – we offer end-to-end solutions that enable businesses to streamline their IT operations, drive innovation, and increase efficiency. 

Our team comprises seasoned product engineers, architects, and designers who collaborate to offer a range of specialized services, including app and platform design and development, maintenance and management, integration and automation. We prioritize providing exceptional customer experiences and driving significant business impact through our approach. 

Our Services

Our expertise in digital product and platform engineering services is designed to meet your business needs, providing you with the tools and support required to succeed in the digital age.

Our experienced team provides a range of platform and product development and design services to enhance your business offerings: 

Update legacy applications or re-engineer existing platforms to modern standards. 

Design, implement, and evaluate your application and platform architecture for optimal performance. 

Rapidly develop and test prototypes to validate ideas and improve the product design process.

Our product and platform engineering services offerings provide superior customer experience, optimal performance, and unparalleled security: 

Ensure your applications and platforms are compliant with industry regulations and protected against security threats.

Comprehensive quality assurance to ensure your products and platforms meet your high standards for performance and functionality. 

Our integration and automation services will optimize your business processes and enhance customer experience: 

Automate manual processes to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

​Our Value Proposition

​Platform-Led Innovation

At Techwave, we assist companies in adopting a platform-focused approach by designing and developing digital products that are integrated into a platform ecosystem, using diversification, co-creation, aggregation, and product innovation to keep our clients ahead in the digital world.

​Human-Centered Design

Our product and platform engineering approach is based on human-centered design, which allows us to understand our clients’ specific needs and develop digital products that meet those needs. This results in user-friendly and visually appealing products, increasing customer satisfaction and adoption.

DevOps-Driven and Cloud-Native

By leveraging DevOps-driven processes, insights-infused technology, and cloud-scale infrastructure, Techwave provides efficient and timely IT support, enhances application management, increases flexibility, and ensures the quality and performance of technology systems and infrastructure. This approach results in increased reliability, faster time to market, and scalability of services offered by Techwave.

Advance Architecture

Techwave’s development foundation is based on an API-first strategy, microservices-based, and serverless architecture, which makes it easier to connect and interface with other applications, quickly compose new APIs, lower barriers for innovation, and ensure security and compliance when integrating applications across multiple systems.

We make it easier to connect and interface with other apps rapidly compose new APIs and expose new business functionality, while also lower barriers for innovation using cloud for API consumption. We infuse flexibility into app management, by providing software-defined business objects with policies that govern their usage.  This approach increases efficiency, scalability, and cost savings. 

​Best-in-class Tech

​We’ve delivered many application design projects using best-in-class technologies. Our dedicated ADMS Competency team takes care of the entire process, including:

  • New service offerings, technology evaluation, and PoCs
  • Competency development in solution architecture and technical design
  • Tools and solution accelerators for rapid application development
  • Frameworks and tools for migrating legacy applications to new technologies
  • Performance analysis and tuning of applications

All our product and platform engineering solutions are highly scalable, robust, secure, and easy to maintain, so you’ll always be able to count on a reliable service wherever you are.


We pride ourselves on our platform-led innovation approach, which allows us to develop digital products that are integrated into a platform ecosystem, resulting in increased agility, diversification, co-creation, and innovation. Our human-centered design approach helps us to understand the needs of our clients’ customers and develop products that are user-friendly and visually appealing. We’ve helped numerous clients across healthcare, fintech, life sciences, and ed-tech industries build state-of-the-art, cloud-native, and mobile-first platforms that exceed customer expectations.

Our DevOps-driven and cloud-native approach provides efficient and timely IT support, improves application management, increases flexibility, and ensures the quality and performance of technology systems and infrastructure. With an advanced architecture that focuses on an API-first strategy and microservices-based and serverless architecture, we enable easier connections and interfaces with other applications, rapid composition of new APIs, lower barriers for innovation, excellent software maintenance and support services, and security and compliance when integrating multiple systems.

As part of our mission to build client-centric teams delivering innovative solutions with business-focused outcomes, Techwave has created the Product & Platform Engineering Center of Excellence (CoE). The dedicated CoE will focus on platform engineering initiatives that are geared towards delivering next-generation services and significantly decreasing the time-to-market for companies across the world.


​Product and Platform Engineering

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