supplyvuTM Platform

Collaborate, Integrate, Manage

Companies that leverage the right supply chain management solution bring innovation and faster delivery of goods and services to their customers

Working on a global scale brings unprecedented opportunities for growth, but juggling multiple sites, products, processes, and partners worldwide comes with its own set of problems. Ensuring everything is done correctly and on time, in line with local compliance regulations, requires vast amounts of time and resources of an organization. So how do you keep an eye on every element of your extended supply chain?

The SupplyVu™ collaboration solution connects local, regional, and global operations, giving you real-time visibility and optimization across all your sites and extended networks.

Why external manufacturing integration?

Our integrated platform connects your operations with your contract supply chain partners for round-the-clock collaboration and communication. Our state-of-the-art platform architecture integrates with any existing supply chain solution or ERP and is easily deployed on-site or in the Cloud.

  • Accepts a vast range of data inputs through spreadsheets to real-time APIs
  • Collects, manages and monitors all toll and 3rd party subcontracting transactions
  • Real-Time tracking and monitoring of inventory at all stages of the supply chain
  • Automates routine manual activities, updates, and transactions
  • Complete visibility and reporting of inventory valuations


  • Accelerate analytics and reporting using SupplyVu™ Traceability Cloud Solution and Analytics on AWS 
  • Identify Status, Availability, and Risks in real-time 
  • Real-time reporting, wherever you are
  • Global views on performance across supply chain parties and asset classes
  • Meet required information requirements at any moment to meet customer needs
  • Flexible, unified data infrastructure  
  • Responds to supply and demand in alignment with future regulations without significant cost hikes
  • Rapid deployment: SupplyVu™ in the Cloud 
  • Instant back-up, recovery and cloning 
  • Delves deep into data and identifies risks in a way that’s not possible with standard analytic computing
  • Secure, Scalable, Sustainable


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