How to choose the right modern BI and Analytics tool for your business?

We highlight Top 5 Business Intelligence Tools as suggested by Gartner and ask critical questions that can help organizations make better and informed decisions. As per a recent study by Gartner entitled “The Future of Decisions”, 53% of respondents agree that there is a higher expectation for them to justify or explain their decision. Further,

What do you know about Cloud analytics migration strategies?

Many businesses are turning to Cloud analytics since it has enticing features and functionalities that benefit them. Many new analytics tools, ecosystems, and capabilities in the Cloud can be quickly leveraged to test, pilot, and roll out new offerings. As a result, many businesses seek Cloud service providers who can assist them in allocating resources

Impact of Blockchain & Practical Guide for Success

Robust and disruptive, blockchain has been garnering the attention of not just IT experts but even the non-technology enthusiasts. Blockchain is in its initial stages of development and blockchain experts believe that it can significantly impact the business community in near future. However, reports indicated that certain enterprises are still in a dilemma as to

Growing Complexity Between People, Enterprises & Technology to Impact Decision Making?

Complexities and complications are two different poles that are often misunderstood. While the former one deals with the systems and structures that communicate with each other, the latter is all about the system that doesn’t communicate at all. With the advent of Information Technology, complications in every industry and even the people are slowly moving

Is your Cognos Analytics BI platform delivering real business value?

Business-led operations are demanding agile analytics solutions. Are you applying agile principles and practices in all aspects of business operations? A recent study by Gartner predicts the global business intelligence and analytics market will reach $18.3 Billion in value this year, an increase of 7.3 percent over last year, and the market will grow to

Churn Analytics

Churn Analytics is used to identify the customers who are most likely to discontinue using the services / product. This is applicable horizontally across various industries like Telecom, Banking, Financial, Retail etc. Why Churn Analytics is important: As the competition among the industries is growing day by day, the cost of acquiring new customer is