Big Data Means Big Money: Why organizations using Big Data Are More Profitable

Big Data Means Big Money: Why Organizations Using Big Data Are More Profitable

Big data. It’s revolutionizing the way organizations do business. You’ve heard of it and you know that more and more organizations are using big data analytics. In fact, your competitors are probably using big data to plan their marketing. But what is big data and why is it so important? Should you consider big data services for your

Big Data Analytics Services Are a Game Changer for the Insurance Industry

6 Different Ways Big Data Analytics Services Are a Game Changer for the Insurance Industry

Technology has a big impact on the way the insurance sector does business. Although big data analytics as a service is still fairly new, insurers rely on it heavily. As companies increase the number of policyholders in their databases, the need for meaningful analysis becomes more crucial. Big data analytics applications make this task feasible. Big data services help resolve


How Analytics and Data Science Improve Your Business Efficiency

Corporations, particularly those that are focused on making sales to a broad audience- as opposed to selling a small number of large ticket items- have always had a keen interest in crunching numbers related to the way’s customers interact with their brands to boost sales. This is what we might refer to as data analytics. But

Growing Complexity Between People, Enterprises & Technology to Impact Decision Making?

Complexities and complications are two different poles that are often misunderstood. While the former one deals with the systems and structures that communicate with each other, the latter is all about the system that doesn’t communicate at all. With the advent of Information Technology, complications in every industry and even the people are slowly moving

Robust & Cost-Effective: Enterprise Data Virtualization Steals Spotlight

Of late Enterprise Data Virtualization (EDV) has been garnering decent attention from the IT bigwigs given the merits bundled with it. You must have already known about it or must have been in the league that has adopted data virtualization for your company. If you belong to the former club and are considering it, this

Optimizing Big Data with Data Analytics is the Need of the Hour

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” -Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President, Gartner Ever since the evolution of Information Technology, there are many things that carved new paths in the IT landscape for companies to explore and raise above the horizons. One such biggest thing that IT added