Leveraging Bigdata in Agriculture

What is the most basic human need for survival? The simple answer is FOOD.   Healthy and sustainable food systems are necessary for the development of world economies. And how do you ensure an uninterrupted supply of food commodities? It is most definitely through Agricultural development.   Agriculture contributes to 4% of the global GDP

Big Data Means Big Money: Why organizations using Big Data Are More Profitable

Big Data Means Big Money: Why Organizations Using Big Data Are More Profitable

Big data. It’s revolutionizing the way organizations do business. You’ve heard of it and you know that more and more organizations are using big data analytics. In fact, your competitors are probably using big data to plan their marketing. But what is big data and why is it so important? Should you consider big data services for your

6 Uses of Big Data Analytics Services In The Insurance Industry

Insurance firms have been undergoing a digital revolution powered by data analytics services for several years. Insurance businesses now have access to high-level data and information, which they may use to improve insurance procedures and create new opportunities. This has improved the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of insurance businesses at all levels. The insurance industry

4 Ways Big Data is Evolving Risk Management

In the digital era, Big Data has drastically changed the landscape of business and risk management. With unlimited access to information about potential customers and user behavior, companies are using analytics to improve their risk management practices in more advanced ways than ever before. Here are just four ways Big Data is evolving risk management