Fast-Track Your O2C Cycle

Fast-Track Your O2C Cycle With AR Automation

 Sales, supply chain, and compliance aspects make the initial cash cycle a reasonably complex process.  AR automation is one way by which organizations can shorten the cash conversion cycle and improve operational excellence. It also allows financial executives to build a solid foundation for a holistic, sustainable O2C process. In general, most people think order

R2R Fears

Allay Your R2R Fears

Across the entire Record-To-Report (R2R) cycle, businesses face the extremely labor-intensive and risk-prone process of completing a close cycle within specific timelines and that too in an error-free manner. However, with automation available to improve process efficiency and effectiveness, the benefits of the R2R solution are immediate and demonstrable. For long, Excel spreadsheets, despite inherent

Propelling RPA Beyond The Routine

Propelling RPA Beyond The Routine

Though organizations tend to deliver end-to-end automation beyond RPA by combining complementary technologies to augment business processes, there is a lack of guidance to assemble RPA with other tools. This hinders end-to-end process automation, causing these organizations to miss out on strategic business values. Robotic Process Automation or RPA may provide quick relief as a

Count On Us For Your P2P Automation Strategy

Count On Us For Your P2P Automation Strategy

The critical imperative of re-thinking your existing Process-To-Pay (P2P) process is to move away from the siloed business functions. Many facets of the conventional Procure-to-Pay cycle is plagued with bottlenecks such as complex workflows, manual operations, and delays. The strategic shift to the next phase of transformation will help organizations identify inefficient spend practices and



We have just seen 16 summers, but our unshaken zeal and commitment to deliver the best to the customers has put the company in the spotlight and way ahead of other competitors. Partnerships have played a key role in our obsession to deliver top-notch, cost-effective services with quality since our inception. Be it our tie-up

When and How to Use Robotic Process Automation in Finance and Accounting

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, offers interesting benefits for the financial services industry. It may offer solutions for companies who want to improve efficiency in their finance and accounting departments. The key is focusing on innovation within the company to cut costs and improve results. What is RPA? What is RPA in finance and accounting? When

Transformation Through Re-engineering in Finance & Accounting

The vast majority of companies, from big enterprises to small startups, are looking for ways to get more out of every dollar. Using financial process re-engineering, the current workflows should be analyzed and re-thought to avoid any activities that do not directly add value. A few ways the business process re-engineering financial services might look include: Cutting Costs

What Does Reconciliation Mean in Finance and Accounting

Reconciliation in finance and accounting refers to the process of comparing transactions recorded internally against monthly statements from a bank, credit card company, or other external source. The aim of account reconciliation is to ensure the records coincide with each other. You can find your financial transactions on your bank statement, your credit card statement,

What Is Master Data Management and Its Importance?

Businesses that make decisions based on ‘customer intelligence’ must find data management tools to organize the huge amounts of information collected by marketing analytics, Big Data, customer input, and business connections. This is where an MDM Master Data Management software platforms can take your customer data to a place where decision-making can impact corporate growth and