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Digital Transformation - Laying
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation – Laying the way for what’s to come

What Is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is when there is an integration of digital technology in all areas of business. The result of this integration is that it transforms the way the busines...

Medistance to provide the healthcare of the futures
Digital Transformation Events

Health Care of the Future: Disrupting the healthcare system with advanced AI and secure, real-time data powered by SAP HANA

Global Digital Transformation Company, Techwave has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with Promecom, a Hungarian company to market Medistance, a proprietary Remote Patient Monitoring solution. This partne...

digital transformation
Digital Transformation

A roadmap for Digital Transformation

Many organizations begin discussions about Digital Transformation from a technology lens. E.g. I would like my business to be cloud-enabled, leverage microservices architecture, or enable the field staff to imp...

Digital Transformation

Disruptive Innovation – The New Normal

Let us start by defining the term “Disruptive Innovation.” The Wikipedia definition is “an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, di...

The Digital Disruption Wave How Can IT Firms Ride It-blog
Digital Transformation

The Digital Disruption Wave: How Can IT Firms Ride It?

Cost arbitrage is the tide that lifted many boats, large and small. In turn, that brought advantages of scale, given the vast talent pool that was readily available. Add well-defined process to the mix, and you...