BE BOLD – You’re Not Alone on Your Digital Journey

Moving boldly does not imply progressing without prior thought because bold actions and the prospects of gaining new insights are deeply connected. The real-time ability to not simply survive but also learn during a crisis is, in fact, the one ingredient that can turbocharge your ability to scale quickly. There’s been an all-encompassing digital revolution


Harnessing The Disruptive Potential

Technological advancement is the single most exciting thing that can happen in the business world today. It shakes up markets and makes business circles question which industries will succeed or fail when the time comes for new adoptions. Disruption across industries is diffusing at an unprecedented rate. And disruptive domains play a key role in

Digital Transformation - Laying

Digital Transformation – Laying the way for what’s to come

What Is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is when there is an integration of digital technology in all areas of business. The result of this integration is that it transforms the way the business operates at a foundational level. It can be used to modify existing systems within a business or create new and transformative ones. It

Medistance to provide the healthcare of the futures

Health Care of the Future: Disrupting the healthcare system with advanced AI and secure, real-time data powered by SAP HANA

Global Digital Transformation Company, Techwave has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with Promecom, a Hungarian company to market Medistance, a proprietary Remote Patient Monitoring solution. This partnership will enable Promecom to leverage Techwave’s global market access. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a technology that allows patient’s monitoring outside standard clinical environments that boost access to

A roadmap for Digital Transformation

Many organizations begin discussions about Digital Transformation from a technology lens. E.g. I would like my business to be cloud-enabled, leverage microservices architecture, or enable the field staff to improve productivity through mobile solutions. The issue with this? What they achieve is only a Technology transformation rather than the Digital transformation. It will soon become

Disruptive Innovation – The New Normal

Let us start by defining the term “Disruptive Innovation.” The Wikipedia definition is “an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market-leading firms, products, and alliances.” Almost every business today is worried about disruption in their industry. Where will the next competitor

Four Essential Building Blocks to Digital Transformation

Is your company digitally transformed? Are you in search of efficient blocks to building digital transformation? If yes, then you are in the right place. We have already phased to the digital age and the term digital transformation (DX) needs no special introduction. Gartner’s CEO’s Survey on Digital Transformation has shared mixed reactions over DX.

Virtual Gamification of the Real World

Gamification is finding its way into the most serious of office spaces. How is the virtual world of gaming helping to improve the efficiency of real-world companies up to and including Fortune 500 businesses? Gamification Aligns Goals in the Business When employees know their goals and receive tangible rewards for reaching them, people get on