Digital Transformation – Laying the way for what’s to come

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is when there is an integration of digital technology in all areas of business. The result of this integration is that it transforms the way the business operates at a foundational level. It can be used to modify existing systems within a business or create new and transformative ones. It helps a business provide value efficiently to their customers. It often means a change in the mindset of the culture in the organization. Digital transformation means constantly pushing boundaries. It also means taking risks that may not work and the organization must become comfortable with failing. It is an understanding that the model under which a business operates may be antiquated and needs to be refreshed. It means infusing the organization with new flexibility and agility in an effort to respond to the needs of customers. 

What Are Digital Transformation Services?

Each organization has its own challenges and as such, the digital transformation services look different for each company. There are some foundational changes that every organization can make regardless of their individual needs. These changes start with leadership, as they have to begin to make the cultural changes needed for digital transformation to work. 

For a business to understand what digital transformation services are available to them, they must first have a working knowledge of their own technology and its potential. Once they gain that understanding, they more ready to take steps to adapt the business processes to fully utilize the technology. Long gone are the days when a business waited for a customer to come to them. Social media is a digital service delivery channel that has transformed the way business advertise and market. Some companies handle customer service and sales via social media platforms. This type of transformation is allowing business to meet their customers where they prefer to do business. 

Other types of digital transformation services are innovations like artificial intelligence and cloud based software. Artificial intelligence allows systems to get smarter and gain a better understanding of the customer. It helps businesses to create an environment that allows employees to focus more on results driven functions while the artificial intelligence learns the customer and captures data. That data helps to transform the business to meet the needs of the customer. This enables the business to be more flexible to the changing demands of all consumer bases. 

Digital transformation takes business from print mail to email. This allows faster contact with the customer, but also reduces the cost of printing and postage. Customers are more likely to check their email instead of their mailbox these days. It takes businesses from posting billboards to advertising on social media. They can eliminate the cost of billboards and social media accounts are free. Businesses must maintain their social media content and keep it current, which may require hiring. It also takes them to creating websites and mobile apps. Most people look at the phones or computers multiple times throughout the day. When a customer is interested in a product or a company, that person looks to see if there is a website. 

How Do Businesses Adapt To Digital Services?

Businesses have to recognize the signs that it is time for them to make the digital transformation plunge. When a business becomes stale, it tends to lose customers. Even customers that have a long term relationship with a business will leave if they find a more robust and convenient way to handle their business. If a business finds that customers are not returning, or they are no longer getting new customers, it is time for that business to make the leap and gain some digital strategy services.

Often times, teams and departments within the organization begin to feel that there is no collaboration or communication among themselves. Transforming business services can help to break down the walls that are beginning to form within the company. When technology seems old, it probably is. If the employees of a business begin to notice features that are not available within their own systems, that is a good sign it is time for a change. Recognizing the need for change is the first step. After that, the company must begin to make the changes. 

The changes must begin at the top with the leadership. They must be on board to support their employees through the shifting environment within the company. Change is challenging for many people, even when it is a positive step. The leadership must get behind the change and remain positive about it, even when it gets challenging. Cultural changes do not happen over night. They take time and constant attention. 

Should A Business Use Digital Consulting?

The best way to begin to make changes within your business is to bring in someone fresh and new. Businesses should consider hiring someone who is an expert in digital transformation. This allows them to continue to focus on the business while someone else is focused on how to transform it. The leaders of a business probably are not the best one to make the changes. It also helps to know that they do not have to take on this process alone. 

Working with an expert in the field helps you to determine the best path forward. A consultant can help map out the best strategy for the company. They help to look at problem areas and identify gaps where the company experiences the most challenges. A consultant can help identify true goals and work towards them. The business can incorporate the best technology in the world into the business, but if it does not help meet the goals, then it is rendered useless. They need to use technology that propels them towards their goals and does not drive them away from them. A consultant can help incorporate technology that works together. There is a ton of great technology available on the market, but if a business select ones that do not integrate with one another, then it does not move them in the right direction.


Digital transformation is not just about technology. Yes, at its most basic level, it is bringing technology into a business to improve performance and sustainability. It is so much more than that, too. It is about the culture of the business and the operational mindset that the leadership creates. Digital transformation is working towards creating a better relationship with customers within the organization and with external customers. It is important for every business that wants to begin digital transformation to start with the business first. They must have a clearly defined goal and intention and use technology to achieve those goals.