What to do if you were ready for Black Friday sales, but your ecommerce site wasn’t…

‘Tis the season of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the pre-Christmas shopping rush. All too soon to be followed by January sales. As an online retailer you’ll be looking forward to the revenue opportunities that this time of year brings: boosts in customer traffic, online sales and product purchases. But this time of year can

How does Open Banking help Fintechs to fulfil customer expectations

The world is on the cusp of an epochal transformation in digital financial services. Open Banking Technology is replete with potential business models as social media were 15 years ago and e-commerce 20 years ago.  Open Banking, fuelled by regulatory, technology, and competitive dynamics, brings hyper-relevant data and platform-based distribution networks to the fold of

How can banks benefit from enhancing the Third-Party Provider (TPP) services via Open Platform Banking

The Open Platform Banking is set to usher in customer-centric business models and banks’ current product-centric mindset might take a backseat if they don’t act fast. Studies have shown that one in five US consumers find Open Banking valuable with interest much higher among millennials and Gen Z. Allured by the flexibility and transparency, they

Insights into the Emerging e-commerce Trends Leading the Way

Keeping up with emerging trends in e-commerce has become a necessity for business owners and consumers. For business owners, it is important to know and understand the trends to identify opportunities and manage competition and for consumers, it is necessary to know and anticipate what’s out there and what’s to come.   The e-commerce industry

Holistic well-being in the IT sector: Why does it matter?

Holistic well-being includes the psychological, social, as well as emotional aspects of your well-being. As per the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), 40 million adults in America suffer from mental health issues, which is almost one in every five Americans.   Physical illness immobilizes your body and restricts your movement. Similarly, mental health issues

How Can Tech Companies Succeed By Adopting Sustainability?

Businesses are moving forward towards a better future with the aid of technology. However, it has become more important for tech companies to look beyond purely financial growth to achieve sustainable success by claiming responsibility for the environment.   Development in sustainability & technology hand-in-hand poses a unique challenge as our dependency on technology and

What are Microservices and Serverless Architectures? What makes them popular?

Traditional business has moved to uncharted online territories in the wake of the pandemic to grow while constantly improving customer experience. Now brands across the world are hoping to benefit from this new e-wave. Through this worldwide pivot, customer gateways have expanded and become more direct to meet the needs and goals of businesses everywhere.

How the new Initiatives will Shape the Future of the IT Industry?

The IT industry never stands still. It is ever evolving with exciting new developments coming up every day, thus, making the future look bright for tech companies and the people involved. However, with the recent changes comes a set of challenges that the industry has to deal with, with agility.   IT leaders continually contend