Artificial Intelligence: How is it significant to the gaming industry?

Game developers have been researching and developing new, enhanced, interactive, and realistic gaming experiences for players. And finally, users or players get a first-hand experience of the game. The global gaming market, as of 2021, was valued at USD 229.16 billion, projected to grow to as high as 545.98 USD in 2028. These whopping figures

How Can Your Organization Benefit From Application Modernization?

Digital transformation is an organizational application trend in a rapidly evolving global environment. Systems need further modernization in the form of newer computing technology to make them more visible and organized in today’s globalized environment. Every organization, large or small, is on a rapid and comprehensive roadmap to modernize its applications to serve stakeholders and

Lidar Technology: Unlocking Greater Accuracy and Precision in Utility Operations

The utilities sector has experienced rapid growth due to technological advancements and is expected to continue growing until 2023. However, as the global macroeconomic climate evolves, providing clean, safe, affordable, and consistent power may become increasingly challenging. Industry leaders must be adequately prepared to address these challenges to maintain the sector’s growth. While extreme weather,

How Can LiDAR Technology Improve Efficiency In Vegetation Management?

The Utility industry in Australia is facing a major problem that is unfolding at a massive scale. It’s a perfect storm of challenges, and this blog will break it all down for you. Here is how vegetation encroachment impacts power lines: For many utilities, vegetation encroachment is a major cause of outages. In some areas,

How Embracing Headless Architecture Benefits Businesses?

Headless Commerce has been around for some time, and many of its concepts are not entirely new. Still, in a digital commerce market in which organizations increasingly need to stand out from the competition, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and battle for their share of customer loyalty, market allocation, and brand awareness to maintain revenue, the

What to do if you were ready for Black Friday sales, but your ecommerce site wasn’t…

‘Tis the season of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the pre-Christmas shopping rush. All too soon to be followed by January sales. As an online retailer you’ll be looking forward to the revenue opportunities that this time of year brings: boosts in customer traffic, online sales and product purchases. But this time of year can

How does Open Banking help Fintechs to fulfil customer expectations

The world is on the cusp of an epochal transformation in digital financial services. Open Banking Technology is replete with potential business models as social media were 15 years ago and e-commerce 20 years ago.  Open Banking, fuelled by regulatory, technology, and competitive dynamics, brings hyper-relevant data and platform-based distribution networks to the fold of

How can banks benefit from enhancing the Third-Party Provider (TPP) services via Open Platform Banking

The Open Platform Banking is set to usher in customer-centric business models and banks’ current product-centric mindset might take a backseat if they don’t act fast. Studies have shown that one in five US consumers find Open Banking valuable with interest much higher among millennials and Gen Z. Allured by the flexibility and transparency, they