Insights into the Emerging e-commerce Trends Leading the Way

Keeping up with emerging trends in e-commerce has become a necessity for business owners and consumers. For business owners, it is important to know and understand the trends to identify opportunities and manage competition and for consumers, it is necessary to know and anticipate what’s out there and what’s to come.   The e-commerce industry

Congrats on Your New (Digital) Twin!

Digital twins represent a significant leap forward when it comes to assessing the capabilities of your latest project. They can be modeled after any technological structure. It could be a new data center you’re looking to roll out or the implementation of a more responsive customer service platform. What are digital twins, exactly, and what

Impact of Technology on Healthcare

Of the best things that technology ever gifted the mankind, healthcare takes the top slot without a second thought. Although the history of medicine and healthcare industry dates to the BC era, the invention of different medicines like Penicillin over the time increased the lifespan of a man and advanced the healthcare industry. However, this

Importance of Digital Twin technology

What is Digital Twin? Originally prepared by NASA for its astronauts, digital twin technology is a connecting force between digital and physical works. In fact, it’s a digital form of the existing physical things that can be leveraged for various purposes. Digital twin technology helps scientists and innovators to build simulations before the actual machine

Robust & Cost-Effective: Enterprise Data Virtualization Steals Spotlight

Of late Enterprise Data Virtualization (EDV) has been garnering decent attention from the IT bigwigs given the merits bundled with it. You must have already known about it or must have been in the league that has adopted data virtualization for your company. If you belong to the former club and are considering it, this