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Cosmos IoT – Scale-Up Frugally

Cosmos IoT – Scaleup Frugally

Beyond proofs of concept, CIOs and CEOs want to see evidence of hard returns on investment for how IoT improves business processes, optimizes operations, enhances workforce productivity, increases revenue, and ...

IoT in Energy and Utilities An In-Depth Look
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IoT in Energy and Utilities: An In-Depth Look

One of the most important sectors in existence, we rely on energy and other utilities for a wide variety of things. Indeed, despite the fact that we are attempting to create more green-friendly methods of acqui...

Edge Computing and the IoT-blog
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Edge Computing and the Internet of Things

Centralized cloud computing was a game changer just a few years ago, as fewer huge servers were needed to be purchased by a business. Also, less money was required for IT support and for hardware. However, the ...

IoT developments

Most notable IoT developments of 2019 so far

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the global market. Since its beginning, IoT technology has mostly focused on consumer products, as well as assisting in digital transformation in...

IoT Enabled Site Operations2

IoT Enabled Site Operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the driving force behind a digital transformation in practically every industry. From the Telecom industry to education, home security, lifestyle management, and more, the interc...