Cosmos IoT – Scale-Up Frugally

Cosmos IoT – Scaleup Frugally

Beyond proofs of concept, CIOs and CEOs want to see evidence of hard returns on investment for how IoT improves business processes, optimizes operations, enhances workforce productivity, increases revenue, and drives customer loyalty in a quantifiable manner. For extended, the Internet of Things (IoT) benefits have not gone beyond hypotheticals and potential opportunities. However, in

IoT Enabled Site Operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the driving force behind a digital transformation in practically every industry. From the Telecom industry to education, home security, lifestyle management, and more, the interconnectivity of ordinary objects is changing the way the world, and the world of business operates. The telecom industry is no exception when it comes

5G and IoT – What Is the Impact?

Connectivity of mobile devices is changing our lives. The vast number of networked devices, appliances, vehicles, software platforms, and other things, and the connectivity that permits all of these to exchange data and interact has generated a phenomenon known as the internet of things (IoT). The next evolution of this digital world is 5G, which

Digital Tranformation with IoT

When Internet of Things (IoT) shot to popularity, it apparently seemed beneficial to B2C market and that its role in B2B space was minimal. This notion was proved wrong when software giant Microsoft teamed up with KPMG to expedite digital transformation process through IoT. What is IoT? IoT is an abbreviation of Internet of Things,

How Secure are you Around “IoT”?

“The number of Internet-connected devices is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 50 billion by 2020” This data is overwhelming and testifies the importance and reach of IoT. When we talk about IoT in general, we mean all those devices that communicate and can be accessed via the internet based on their IP addresses.