Big Data in the Cloud, Big Data All Around

76% of decision-makers surveyed foresee significant changes in the domain of storage systems because of the “Big Data” phenomenon. Big Data is making a big impact everywhere, whether it’s retail, healthcare, or governmental organizations. Everyone can produce data and you won’t believe just how much. By 2020 the new information generated per second for every

What a Cloud Journey Really Means

Technology terms are thrown around left and right, but no clear roadmap is ever explained. The journey to the cloud may not always be a straight drive. There might be U-turns but should not be seen as transgressions as they tend to intertwine. There are three stops within the cloud journey: experimentation, migration, and transformation.

SAP Hybris Continues to Reinvent Itself to Become the Ideal Marketing Cloud

If you thought SAP Hybris was created to remain the same, you don’t know SAP’s core values and focus on innovation. Constantly trying to one-up itself, SAP added Abakus to its repertoire to provide the best omnichannel experience possible. A Critical Acquisition Abakus is a cloud-based solution for cross-channel marketing measurement and optimization that integrates


Private Cloud on Public Cloud

It took a while for people to adapt to apartment culture from the good old independent houses. Just because you are sharing the infrastructure space in a high raised multi-storied building doesn’t mean that you are losing your privacy and completely dependent on other factors. Like the way gated communities have larger amenities and facilities