Health Care of the Future: Disrupting the healthcare system with advanced AI and secure, real-time data powered by SAP HANA

Global Digital Transformation Company, Techwave has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement with Promecom, a Hungarian company to market Medistance, a proprietary Remote Patient Monitoring solution. This partnership will enable Promecom to leverage Techwave’s global market access. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a technology that allows patient’s monitoring outside standard clinical environments that boost access to care and reduce the cost of delivering health care. Medistance uses clinically validated medical devices with machine-to-machine (M2M) technology set up in scalable fleets to collect data that is managed, stored, analyzed and powered by SAP HANA in the cloud.

“This solution allows physicians/hospitals/pharma companies to obtain real-time physiological data with analysis and also enable patients to maintain independence and minimize personal expenditures, thus achieve accurate and timely medical support to the patients.”, said Damodar Gummadapu, Chairman of Techwave. Since this solution connect to telehealth systems, physicians can access real-time information to prevent complications and improve the quality of life of a patient significantly. Moreover, patients and their family members feel at ease knowing they are being monitored and if an issue arises, they will be supported.

Medistance has been developing one-stop solutions for healthcare providers to review physiological parameters, coordinate, and manage overall patient care remotely, mainly focusing in the following critical areas.

  • Diabetes Care
  • Cardiopulmonary Disease
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Hypertension
  • Multiple Chronic Conditions

This solution is designed to monitor multiple patients efficiently between physician visits so that they can better control of patient’s chronic conditions. This solution will collect real-time data and provide analysis, so that physicians can focus on expanding one-to-one practice to a one-to-many practice.


Promecom has helped physicians develop remote patient monitoring solutions since 2006 with positive results. Promecom partnered with healthcare systems across the world for pilot programs, clinical studies and case studies.  These solutions have proven that remote patient monitoring allows physicians to provide better health outcomes for their patients with personalized treatment plans.


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