Virtual Gamification of the Real World

Gamification is finding its way into the most serious of office spaces. How is the virtual world of gaming helping to improve the efficiency of real-world companies up to and including Fortune 500 businesses?

Gamification Aligns Goals in the Business

When employees know their goals and receive tangible rewards for reaching them, people get on the same page really quickly. The visual aspect of gamification helps everyone in the office to visualize the stated goal, resulting in less confusion about the path to said goal. By virtualizing a concept in the office, you can actually make it more real.

Fun, Engaging Platforms Create Great Information Grabs

If you have trouble asking for emails or other personal information, let a personalized, virtual representative do it for you. With gamification, there is no such thing as a shy salesman or a botched pitch. The consistency of the virtual pitch also makes it much easier to analyse. Since there is no personalized sales technique to account for, you can easily see if the pitch works as it stands. The exciting nature of virtual gaming now improves the personal experience for your customers!

People Trade Money for Badges

People are much more willing to give money to a business when they are led into it by a reward-bearing avatar than they have ever been. One has only to look to Bitcoin or the vibrant economies of popular MMORPG games to see that people can place value in various things. The current generation has no problem exchanging hard earned USD for the right badge. Take advantage of the trend.

Proper Gamification Leads to Crowdsourcing Leads to Business Solutions

The answers that your customers give on surveys that you gamify can get some great crowdsourced answers to your internal questions. Why hire a team of consultants to guess what your audience wants when they themselves will tell you in a more cost effective way through gamification? Save yourself the consultation fees. Attach an exciting promo giveaway to customers who consistently help you answer questions about your products and your company for bonus revenue.

Games Are Better Recruiters than Humans

The case of the US Army is perhaps the best illustration of what gamification can do. Instead of sending out human recruiters, the Army has been able to translate their Virtual Army Experience into a double digit rise in recruitment over the past few years. They have also tapped into the popularity of FPS gaming brands such as Call of Duty for their own portable stations. Kids now line up at Army kiosks.

The name of the game is engagement, whether you are talking about employee productivity or customer acquisition. The gamification techniques mentioned above are working for some of the most successful companies in the world. Maybe it is time you tried a few point badges of your own in the office!

How Techwave Can Help in Gamification

Techwave “Digital Business Consulting Services” refers to advisory and consulting services that enable organizations to:

  • Disrupt and reinvent current enterprise business models using gamification
  • Disrupt existing industry business models
  • Reinvent adaptable business processes to leverage IoT
  • Enable information as a key corporate asset, second only to customer focus
  • Provide the necessary bridge to implementation via proof of concept (POC), organizational readiness assessments, implementation planning and identifying digital leadership